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Printing Of Advertising Banners, Leaflets, Stamps

Printing Of Advertising Banners, Leaflets, Stamps

Advertising large-format printing and other types of creation of printed products always remain one of the most relevant topics for this exhibition. Large format advertising printing on a banner (polyester reinforced vinyl canvas) is widely used for various purposes. You must try the Laser marking system for printing highly durable metal based banners or logos for your brand.

The main advantage of a sign or a banner made of such material is its easy attachment to eyelets and the ability to hide surface imperfections behind the poster. Banners are made by lamination, calendering and casting. The last species has the highest resistance to weather conditions.

To create full-color banners, after applying polyvinyl chloride to the polyester mesh, another layer of specialized varnish is added. Its main purpose is to improve the fixation of the film paint while strengthening the structure of the material.

Anyone who is interested in ordering the printing of advertising banners, Moscow and other cities of Russia offer a decent number of specialists in this industry to choose from.

Types of Printing


It provides the ability to use various types of ink: water-soluble, solvent, UV. Used for printing on a variety of media. The maximum size of the backing. To fix the dye composition, lamination with special self-adhesive films is used. The most optimal choice for banner printing due to the long service life of the finished layout and its increased protective properties, which keep the drawing full-color and consistent in any weather for at least 3 years. Sometimes during the period of use, you can notice the separation of the base, but this can be corrected without much cost using ordinary liquid varnish.

Thermal Transfer

The technique with this way of transferring the image uses advertising seals – stamps or heads, with the help of which the dye mixture is transferred to the carrier. The pigment itself is contained in specialized thin films – thermal transfer tapes. Moving the thermal head distributes the ink over the surface. A feature of this type of printing, which affects the average duration of the image, is the need to apply each color in a separate layer. At the same time, the number of ink shades in one drawing is on average 4. The maximum length of the equipment is 1.2 meters. Plotters are used to cut the finished poster. The very technique of thermal transfer reliably fixes the dye in the structure of the base and provides bright and rich colors even in shades of precious metals.


Electrographic technology is more demanding on the substrate material, therefore, large-format printing in this way can only be carried out on paper. With additional covering with a couple of layers of protection, placement on billboards, citylights and other outdoor advertising means is possible. Despite the fragility of such posters, they nevertheless withstand the standard rental time of special designs and are widely used as posters, posters and other media.

The concept of advertising printing equipment includes not only large-format printers, but also other devices for applying images in color or monochrome on various surfaces: fabrics, plastic and others.

Also, the technique is divided into categories according to the average scale of the finished product and the method of applying the picture.