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The Everest Foundation: Helping Poor Populations In America

The Everest Foundation: Helping Poor Populations In America

A study that West Health and Gallup conducted in early 2021. The study showed that about 18% of Americans, or the equivalent of 46 million individuals, have little to no access to quality healthcare. Their reason is sobering – they simply could not afford it.

The lack of funds to receive medical care is only made worse by the recent pandemic. Significantly reducing the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. To save on the cost of healthcare, Americans go into debt, or just simply skip the medical care they need to avoid the cost.

Health and poverty have unfortunate ties. Among low-income households where the average annual income is lower than $24,000, Americans were far more likely to go without medical intervention. Many Americans also reported that they had to cut back on other expenses such as food and utilities to afford medical expenses.

A more pressing concern is that low-income households can’t afford critical care and medications. This includes diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. In a country known for advanced treatments and technologies, there are Americans who cannot access life-saving treatments because they simply could not afford them.

Health Challenges in America

America has faced crises before and came out stronger than ever, is one such crisis. The Everest Foundation aims to be part of the cure and not just part of the solution. The Everest Foundation stands alone as a non-profit organization that promotes and supports Graduate Medical Education. The initiative is to be at the forefront of developing more advanced treatments, therapies, and approaches in medicine to create better solutions to health issues.

The Everest Foundation was founded in 2008 in honor of the late Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest, doctor and educator. Dr. Everest envisioned a medical field that promoted forward-thinking and innovation and developed highly skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals. Because of this, The Everest Foundation actually began as an institution that promoted and supported research.

Today, it has expanded its operations to support medical fellowships, professorships, and research scholars who participate in academic and clinical research. The Everest Foundation is behind many of today’s most exciting medical publications and journal submissions. They promote medical advancement for the benefit of people around the world.

Family Medicine and Dr. Everest

Dr. Michael Everest has taken over the reins of the Foundation from Dr. Edwin Everest. He has pushed for more programs and better funding for much-needed medical research, especially in Family Medicine. Dr. Michael Everest realized the importance of research early on in medical school.

This is why The Everest Foundation has been a solid ally and patron for students in medical school and those in their medical residencies. The Foundation is instrumental in funneling millions of dollars to help fund and support medical students and professionals to ensure that their research continues.

Residents Medical Consultancy

Residents Medical Consultancy (RMC) created the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Programs to improve current medical research. Their goal is to provide foreign health systems with support from experts in the U.S. health system to effectively develop and improve medical practices. This is a means to promote an exchange of ideas and visions from the best medical minds in the world.

GME has developed new programs and curricula to provide future doctors with increased knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Already, they have supported studies and research in many fields, including cardiology, gynecology, oncology, transplant pathology, and internal medicine, among others. Ultimately, the goal of the Foundation and its implementing arm would be to support the education and professional development of medical professionals. Helping these individuals provide better and more effective solutions to vulnerable populations, via cutting-edge research and treatments.

Addressing the Needs of Low-Income Americans

It is no secret that Americans in low-income households do not receive the quality of healthcare they need due to high pricing. There is also a lack of proper and immediate medical care in certain areas that are considerably more remote.

The Everest Foundation seeks to improve upon this issue through better education of medical professionals. The Everest Foundation wants to change the nature of the current American healthcare practices, especially for poor populations. The Everest Foundation aims to offer opportunities to optimize health and promote research that populations in need will use and benefit from.

The Foundation’s approach is simple: develop better and more knowledgeable medical professionals through educational and research funding. This helps create better opportunities for low-income Americans to access better care and treatments. Medical research has been proven time and again to provide a base of knowledge and discovery.  This research has provided effective treatments and therapies for many of the world’s diseases and health conditions.

By strengthening the abilities and skills of medical professionals, The Everest Foundation seeks to promote more efficient and effective care to promote healthier Americans. Ultimately, the Foundation wants to be able to provide a cure and not just a solution.

Americans need timely, correct, and accurate medical treatments that are delivered effectively. Closing the gap between populations that cannot afford critical care and those that can, The Everest Foundation will have corrected this unfortunate problem for future generations. After all, a healthy America is a strong America.