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The Importance of Teamwork in Your Salon

The Importance of Teamwork in Your Salon

Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s a popular saying that we are sure you have heard many times, and while it is catchy, it’s also true. In a salon, there are many moving parts and different team members working together to make sure things run smoothly. However, there can be times where your salon feels as busy as it’s ever been and the teamwork isn’t where it needs to be in order for your salon to operate in high-stress situations. This is common — as it is with many industries where there are different personalities working together in fast-paced environments.

Whether you feel as though your salon’s team is tight-knit and works in synergy, or you feel that your team could use a refresher on teamwork, as a salon owner, it’s your job to set the tone. From the people working at the salon reception desk to the salon chair, there needs to be a cohesive team working together to make every aspect of your salon work.

And that’s why we are going to talk about just how important salon teamwork is in this article. We will also provide you with tips on how to make sure your people are on the same page and how to boost synergy throughout your salon. At the end of the day, salons need dedicated teamwork to provide the best service.

How to Get Everyone on Staff to Become a Team Player

Teamwork relies on everyone being on the same page and putting in the same amount of effort. In order to accomplish this, you need to make sure you get salon employee buy-in from everyone. Here are some ways you can boost teamwork and get your staff involved.

Host a Meeting and Set Goals – If you want to improve the level of teamwork that occurs at your salon, have a kickoff meeting where you discuss goals around teamwork that you would like your salon to accomplish. You could use specific circumstances that show instances where teamwork could have helped your people through busy or rough times. In order to be a team, everyone has to be on the same page. Having a meeting with everyone involved and letting them know you would like to boost synergy at the salon is a great way to do this.

Plan Team-Building Activities – Have you ever participated in team-building activities? They may seem silly at first, but studies show that team-building exercises are effective in bringing employees together and boosting synergy. You can organize these activities as few as once a month or as often as at the beginning of every day. It truly depends on what works best for your team. When your people have a deep understanding of the other people they work with, they are more inclined to want to help out and work together.

Reward and Celebrate Teamwork – Incentivizing certain goals always seems to get people to want to work toward achievements. By highlighting your staff’s efforts in working together as a team, you will encourage the behavior. You can do this by offering monetary rewards, having awards like “employee of the month” or giving your people other incentives like paid time off. You can also highlight key team players by placing plaques or ornaments by a stylist’s salon equipment.

Build a Team on Social Media, Too – Not only is social media an important way to keep your clients feeling connected, but it could also be a great way to build a family-like bond between your team members. Have all of your team members connect on social media and interact with your salon’s page to create a sense of belonging and family.

Create Friendly Competition Between Teams – If you can divide your salon up into different teams and incentivize collaboration, you could create friendly competition between the teams, which encourages them to work together. This will show your people just how important and rewarding teamwork can be.


Benefits of Teamwork in the Salon

A salon that prioritizes teamwork will see many benefits beyond feeling organized and synergistic on the busiest days. Here are some of the major benefits of teamwork that you can have in your salon.

Boost Employee Morale – A team that works together is happier. As you know, salons can get very busy and this could cause your whole team to feel overwhelmed. However, when employees know that they can count on their peers for help, they will be more confident during the busier times when they feel overwhelmed. Teamwork boosts employee morale and makes your salon a happier place in general.

Improve Employee Retention – When your people are happier, they will stay at your salon longer. If you want to worry less about filling salon chairs, it’s important to build that family-like environment through teamwork.

Create an Inspiring and Uplifting Culture – Today, the workforce wants to be involved with companies that have a lot more to offer than the typical “corporate culture.” By prioritizing teamwork, you can build a culture that attracts stylists and clients to your business while also creating a rewarding place for your people to work.

New Ideas Are Fostered – When your teams work together, they can come up with unique solutions and ways of doing things around your salon that could improve the way you handle business.

Eliminate BurnoutEmployee burnout is on the rise, which can lead to high turnover rates and poor customer service. By implementing and encouraging more teamwork, you can take that burden off your people’s shoulders and create an environment that’s healthy for all workers.


The sooner you start to build teamwork into the fabric and DNA of your company, the sooner you can have a workplace that fosters innovation and prioritizes synergy to boost the business, service and culture for everyone. If your people are happier, they will treat your customers better, which, in turn, keeps them coming back and your business thriving.