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Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

A few suggestions to increase the security of your smartphoneReading emails, accessing your favorite social network, or simply surfing the Internet, have now become activities that take place every day via your trusted smartphone. In case of theft or loss, photos, documents, SMS, emails, names, addresses, apps, and in general any type of potentially confidential information, can however represent a serious risk for the security of your data, your privacy, but also of your own wallet. Here, therefore, is a series of simple tips to follow to increase the security of your smartphone. Area codes of various unknown phone numbers can also help you identify if the caller is a known person.

Advises To Increase The Security Of Your Smartphone

Lock Your Smartphone With A Password

Locking your smartphone with a password is one of the most basic steps to follow to increase the security of your smartphone . Often, however, we prefer to use simpler unlocking techniques such as tracing a certain pattern on the screen with your finger. This, however, in addition to being an insecure method in itself, also turns out to be an easily bypassed method thanks to the traces of grease that are normally left on the screen.

Although using a PIN with at least four digits is already a good solution, the use of an alphanumeric password of a certain complexity certainly allows for an even better level of protection.

Configure Automatic Screen Lock Appropriately

All smartphones have a feature that allows you to automatically lock the device in use after a certain period of screen inactivity. However, once the screen is turned off, the smartphone still offers a certain amount of time within which it is enough to simply touch a button on the smartphone to access it without using the unlocking procedure again. Setting a suspension time that does not exceed one minute is therefore the best solution to avoid having to continually unlock the phone with a password and, at the same time, make the benefit of using it in vain.

Use Encryption And Make A Backup

Locking your smartphone with a password is already an excellent defense tool against malicious people. However, the use of the password alone may be insufficient if the smartphone falls into the wrong hands. A hacker, in fact, with the help of a computer, could equally get hold of all the information contained in his trusted smartphone. What to do then? First of all , encryption should be enabled  on your smartphone. Then, for added security, it would also be advisable to back up your data from time to time.

Only Download Apps From Safe Sources

Another tip to follow to increase the security of your smartphone is to download apps only from official stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This is because, at least in theory, the applications found on these channels are more controlled than those coming from unofficial stores. In fact, if any application should present security problems, this would be almost immediately withdrawn from the store. In any case, before downloading a given app, it is always better to read the reviews and comments of other users who have already downloaded the application in question, and if something does not come back for some reason better to leave it completely.

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