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How To Enhance Your Google Organic Ranking

How To Enhance Your Google Organic Ranking

Have you put your website online? You therefore know that being present online is essential and that 97% of consumers use the Internet, and especially Google, to find a professional. Good news: your future customers are part of it!

The less funny side is that on the Internet there are also your competitors, and all the big ones on the web… Suddenly, no choice: you have to improve your presence on the Internet and gain visibility on Google, to double them and not sink. Follow our best practices to achieve this. Backlinks can also help you rank significantly better. You can also use SEO agencies to order Bulk backlinks for your website and its business providing webpages.

If you are already on the Internet , you probably know the basics:

  • have your own website , to present your know-how, your activity, your products or services;
  • create a presentation sheet on Google My Business , Google Maps, etc. ;
  • be present on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Twitter;
  • register on online directories such as PagesJaunes .

All this allows you to highlight your practical information (opening hours, activities and sub-activities) and your contact details (address, telephone). But only when people search the Internet for you. In short, you exist on the web. It’s already not bad, but not enough …

When an Internet user does not know you, you have to choose techniques that will allow you to be visible, at the right time and in the right place. For this, we will have to set up a SEO strategy and rely on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and SEA ( Search Engine Advertising ). Two complementary techniques:

SEA allows you to skip over these results to place you directly in the results through “ads”, for a fee.

And for social networks, the SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) is there. A set of techniques that will make visible the pages of your company created on social networks. Not bad is not it ?

Work On Your Natural Referencing To Be Visible On Google

To be referenced by Google, your site must first be visible to the search engine. To do this, submit its URL to the Google index via the Google Search Console tool before launching the optimization. Objective: appear on the first page thanks to natural referencing .

The what ? It is more often called SEO, for Search Engine Optimization . These are all the actions that offer a better visibility to a website on search engines, to target the first page of results and the first positions … All this, thanks to SEO techniques .

To be well referenced, a page must respond as accurately to the requests of Internet users. And for it to work, you need to optimize your SEO . For this, you will need, among other things:

Choose Relevant Keywords For Your Industry

offer quality content, related to your expertise and your activity, and update it regularly;

offer varied content, with text (blog articles, description of products or services), captioned photos (visuals of your achievements, your premises, your team), videos embedded on dedicated platforms (YouTube, Dailymotion) ;

Structure The Content Of Your Website

structure the content of your website so that Google algorithms can read it well; animate your pages on social networks and register your business in online directories such as PagesJaunes;

think about mobile and voice search , working on responsive design and content in “question / answer” mode!

Working on SEO , and being visible on Google, is often free, but it takes time and a bit of technique. You will need patience before you take stock. To speed up the process and benefit from good visibility on the Internet quickly, we share our secrets with you in our ebook dedicated to SEO .

Written by Rajiv. He is writing content for Serpwizz. You’ll find me playing with my dog Gizmo in between copious cups of coffee and even the odd donut or three 😛