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Want to Improve Your Search Rankings? 7 Tips to Do It Right

Want to Improve Your Search Rankings? 7 Tips to Do It Right

You just spent months of valuable time designing your dream website with cutting-edge visuals and relevant content. Believe us when we say that this was the easiest part of your journey. Ensuring that people find and visit your website is the next hurdle. Despite having social media on our side, organic search is still one of the most critical factors that drive website traffic. This factor improves your search rankings and boosts SEO, thus propelling companies to their steady growth.

Whether you are an SEO expert or you know absolutely nothing about it, this article will lay down a step-by-step plan for you so that you can hike up your SEO rankings within no time.

Research Your Keywords

Make use of search data to research your competitors so that you can find suitable targets for every page on your website. You can start with the pages that are loaded with content and might be valuable to your customers. Any page that you choose must have a clear message that focuses on one topic.

There are numerous tools available online that will help you figure out popular searches on search engines. Go for phrases that are relevant and specific to what you want to convey. Avoid using jargon and focus on the language of the customer.

Write Informative Content

You know the nitty-gritty of your industry more than anyone else. Writing helpful content while including essential keywords in it can help your website rank better on Google. Make sure to improve the keywords throughout your page but do not fall prey to the common mistake of overstuffing as it looks artificial to the reader, and they can tell! You must not compromise on your page’s readability just for the sake of keyword stuffing.

Include Keywords In Your Title

From a search engine’s perspective, the title tag or the meta title is a crucial indicator of what the page has in store for the visitor. It is usually the blue link that people see on search engine result pages, so it becomes even more critical to include popular keywords within the title tag. The title tag is not the same as the heading on top of the web page (called the heading tag). So, to optimize the number of clicks you get, you can consider writing one title for the results page and another for your web page’s actual heading.

Create Pages Using HTML Header Tags

H1 tag or the first heading will be the top heading on your page as it is mostly the first thing a reader witnesses when they visit the webpage. Header tags are good styling tags and effective in content organization. Using subheadings within your page is one of the best tools you have in your arsenal to improve your search engine rankings.

For search engines, heading tags weigh more heavily than regular copies and make it easier for them to skim over the page. Make sure to edit your heading tags properly, and if you cannot manage it by yourself, you can always hire a developer for the same.

Don’t Ignore URLs

Do not leave out your URL when inserting keywords on any page. This fact can be even more beneficial to you if you use a CMS such as WordPress for your content needs. Before launching the page, make sure to review its title and then check its URL. In this way, you will always have the option of including the keywords you had found earlier. In case your page has already been published, you can always redirect the visitors from the previous page to the new one.

Link Away

Apart from keywords, link building is another way to go to make your website rank higher. It can be considered an art in itself and needs some time and attention. It is counted as an off-page SEO method and can help your rankings even if you aren’t actively working on them. It is a fact that link building covers about half of the SEO considerations laid out by Google. In case you don’t have any links to your website, it might be tough for you to rank well. Adding more backlinks from trusted sources is always a good idea, and you can even hire a credible link building company for the same.

Use ALT Tags

Images are loved by users and search engines alike as they are a visual medium that supports the content on the page. It might always be a good idea to use a detailed keyboard description or an ALT tag alongside all your images. ALT tags not only help in raising your search engine ranking but also make your website more accessible.