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Ways In Which You Can Grab Audience Attention

Ways In Which You Can Grab Audience Attention

Grabbing the audience’s attention is one of the crucial steps in public speaking. One cannot learn this art in one day, and it comes with experience. However, if you are delivering an online session, you can use an audience interaction platform, where you can use exciting ways to grab your audience’s attention.

So, if you are delivering an offline session and you do not have the technology to help you out, you can use the following tips.

Choose Strong Opening Lines

A lot of public speakers use strong opening lines to grab the attention of their listeners. Some use catchphrases, while others say a motivational quote. Whatever might be the way, it is all done to make the audience lean in and listen carefully to whatever you have to say.

In addition to it, you must also get right to the subject that you want to discuss because the audience does not like filler sentences in someone’s speech.

Make It Personal To Them

Everyone likes to hear a story about themselves and from someone who they think is one of them. Therefore, a lot of speakers in the past, like the Romans, start their narration by mentioning a story about the audience they are interacting with.

A lot of people use the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) factor in their speeches to Grab the attention of the audience. When you instill one of these feelings in the audience, they are more likely to get interested in what else you have to say.

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Maintain A Flow

It is always good to have a flow in your speech. Everybody likes to hear something that has a sense of progression or development to it. You must have realized while watching a movie that the creators try to create a bill up in the story to make the audience more interested. This philosophy also applies to public speeches; the audience is time-pressed and result-oriented.

Moreover, you also need to ensure that you deliver dynamic and do not go bland at any point in time.

Keep It Interactive

Every public speech needs to be interactive because this is how you can keep a close connection with your audience. You can add some questions to your delivery, which you can ask the audience.

Moreover, if you discuss the answers that you get from the audience, other listeners may see your speech as a personal one and listen to you more attentively.

Don’t Overstretch

Do not engage in long narratives and give your audience some time to absorb your thoughts. Use the interactive session wisely and give them a chance to contribute to your speech. We have often seen people yawning on hearing long speeches with almost zero pause.

These are some of the things that one needs to keep in mind while delivering an offline or an online. However, the only advantage that you get while giving an online session is that you get to use tools like an audience interaction tool, which you can get from Votemo.