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What Are Some Unique Ideas For Small Businesses?

Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if you are not clear on a niche. Sometimes it can also be discouraging if the industry seems oversaturated and most business ideas have been used. Below we discuss a few unique small business ideas from seven different industries, their related earning potentials, required skills, and start-up requirements and costs.   

Building and Construction Businesses

Tiny House Business

Tiny houses are ideal for people who are looking to rent or buy minimalist homes, whether it’s a small family or one person. Necessary skills required for this business will include knowledge of real-estate, architecture, and construction.

Costs involved will depend on the building materials needed for construction, an office, labor, utilities, and amenities. The size and location of the land will also be a determining factor of the price. Selling a home will range between $5000 to over $50,000 and renting can range between $100 and $300 per night.

Pet and Animal Businesses

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafes operate as a restaurant and where visitors can spend time with cats. The skills required for a business like this will include knowledge of running a restaurant, as well as some knowledge of working with animals and creating a safe and clean environment for them.

The costs involved will include the rent for the space, food, utilities, salaries for employees, as well as all the necessities to house the cats. Some cat cafes charge between 7$ to $20 per hour for time spent with the cats, and additional costs for food and beverages.

Relaxation and Therapy Businesses

Reiki Practitioner Business

A Reiki business is ideal for people who are looking for a healing experience, based on the Japanese modality to reduce stress and increase inner balance. The skills required for a Reiki business will be a Reiki practitioner’s certificate. The costs involved will be minimal as many practitioners work from a home studio, however there will be costs to make the environment suitable for a Reiki consultation. Income will depend on the location and the needs of the clients in the area, and sessions can range from $40 to $50 per hour.

Rental Businesses

Glamping Business

Glamping, otherwise known as glamorous camping, is ideal for people who want to camp, but with more luxury and comfort. Knowledge of the hospitality industry will be a required skill. Costs involved to start and maintain a glamping business will range from buying tents, setting up utilities and amenities, and renting an area of land if it is not owned. Costs of glamping per night can range from $50 to $3000.

Specialty Food Businesses

Cookie Dough Cafe

Making edible cookie dough can be an ideal business for bakers of all levels, and requires minimal start-up costs. There is a lot of potential for growth and profit margins can reach over 10%. Cookie dough batches can sell upto $7 for 4 oz and $20 for 16oz.

Specialty Retail Businesses

Bonsai Tree Business

This business is best suited to anyone with gardening skills or gardening hobbyists, it will also require specialised knowledge of bonsais. Start-up costs will be minimal, and once the bonsai trees are grown and depending on their age prices can range from $15 to $200.

Sports and Entertainment Businesses

Obstacle Course Business

An obstacle course business is ideal for athletic groups or teams or corporate team-building events. It is suited to anyone with skills in military or sports training, including marketing and sales. There will be considerable start-up costs due to location and land used, which also includes constructing various obstacles. Prices for tickets may vary between $5 to $100 per person or a day pass, and upto $500 for groups.


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