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How To Choose The Best Registered Agent For Your Business

Registered Agent Services

Administration, a very important task, yet for business owners one of the most draining and time consuming activities that can keep them from growing their businesses. Entrepreneurs should be spending their time with their customers, marketing and taking the business forward. This is why so many entrepreneurs and business owners opt to appoint a third party registered agent for their businesses.

What is a Registered Agent for a LLC?

Registered agents are nominated to receive and accept service of legal and other official documents on behalf of the business. The registered agent gives a registered address at which the documents can be delivered or served.

Advantages of Registered Agent Services

A big advantage of having an appointed third-party registered agent services is that the business owner would not need to be at the office on certain days and during working hours. The business owners would not need to accept services of legal documents if a company is sued in presence of their employees and/or family members and they would not have all the admin and paperwork to deal with.

Best Registered Agent Services

It is really important to choose the right registered agent service providers for a business. We have compiled a list of some of the best service providers, their prices and what they have to offer.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance charges their clients $99 per year. They offer free compliance guides as well as same-day document scanning and delivery. These are great services as they prevent any delays and the business owner sees the documents within 24 hours.


Incfile offers clients who have not yet filed their incorporation or forming documents an option to purchase their incorporation filing services whereby the business would get registered agent services for free for one year. They are a great option for entrepreneurs of LLC’s who are in the very early stages of forming an LLC. they charge $119 per year should you choose to only use their registered agent services.


InCorp is an online registered agent service and is one of the more affordable options. Their yearly fee is $99, one has the option to take a five year contract which drops the yearly price to $66. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have served many customers in this time. They have a secure and user-friendly website, and offer a wide variety of business formation and compliance services.


LegalZoom is definitely the more expensive option for business owners out of all the other businesses, however their long years of service and their experience in the field puts them in the running. They charge an annual fee of $159. They provide a really good, informative and secure website. LegalZoon has served many businesses over the last 18 years and they offer a wide range of other business and legal services.


Northwest is a great option for business owners as they have a friendly demeanour and are a pleasure to work with. They also scan and keep all documentation received. Their annual charges are $125 per year.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket LAwyer offers customers great legal services on top of the registered agent services. They are slightly on the expensive side as their yearly fees are $149 per year. They are a big company backed by Google Venture and have great customer review and satisfaction.


Last but most certainly not the least is ZenBusiness. They are a smaller, newer service than most of their competitors but are affordable in their prices and have great customer services. Their annual costs are $99 and they would help the business stay compliant and accept service of all legal and official documents.

How to choose the best Registered Agent Services

Business owners should look at their personal and company needs, the registered agent service should accept all documentation, be fast and efficient, have an office in your state and give you ease of mind. For more information on registered agent services visit TRUiC’s website.