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What Are the Common Problems Associated with Workers Compensation Claims?

What Are the Common Problems Associated with Workers Compensation Claims?

Worker’s compensation is the medical and wage replacement claim an employee could file for in case of a work-related accident and injury. It is a type of insurance that can pay for the medical expenses and compensate for all the days the worker cannot report for the job while recovering from injuries.

According to www.mitchelllawcorp.com, there are claim options available in case you find yourself in this situation. But while it all sounds reasonable and reassuring, an employee can encounter many problems with workers’ compensation claims. There are even instances when the employer cannot provide these claims, and the injured employee is left in a helpless state, unable to provide for himself and his family.

When to Hire a Compensation Attorney

There are many instances when a company has no insurance or money set aside to compensate for accidents in the workplace. This is when problems with compensation claims arise.

Hiring a compensation attorney can help get things moving while you are recovering from injuries. Having an attorney means there will be someone to represent you so you can file claims on time. If you feel that there is a chance that your employer might try to get away from paying for the benefits you deserve, then it is the best time to hire a compensation attorney.

Employee accidents involve a lot of money, and it is not something that a company can willingly let go of, even if a tragic accident is involved. Here are some of the problem scenarios when filing for worker’s compensation claims to give you an idea of what to prevent.

You Filed for your Claims too Late

Allegedly filing too late is one of the most common problems encountered by employees filing for injury claims. Remember that there is always a grace period for filing claims. It is usually within 30 days from the time of the accident. Others might have different policies with lesser time periods. However, if you are immobile inside a hospital, there is no way for you to handle the required paperwork for the claims.

Having a compensation attorney handle the claims for you while you are at recovery can give you fewer worries and an assurance that your medical bills will be covered by insurance.

Your Claims Are Denied

The most heartbreaking and disappointing thing that could happen after an accident or injury is for the company or insurance to deny you compensation claims. If this happens, you will have to shoulder medical and rehabilitation expenses on your own.

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For the average worker, this can put a significant dent in the family savings. It is a very unfair situation, especially if there is solid evidence that the injury is work-related. A compensation attorney can help you fight for these claims and push the company to do what is right.

Your Employer Gets Back at you After You File for a Claim

When an employee files a compensation claim, a company loses money. That is a common fact. They need to pay the employee, and they need to pay the insurance company more money. They may need to pay their lawyer fees too.

This conflict is why compensation claims are sensitive issues that are often needed to be mediated by lawyers. Having lawyers do the job is to avoid further conflict between an employee and the employer. But sometimes, the employer would want to get their money back in other ways.

When the employee gets back to work, several things can happen. For example, the employee can be demoted, fired, offered a lower salary, fewer working hours, or the work environment is made uncomfortable to encourage resignation.

Once you feel this happening, record every detailed change around the workplace and consult with an attorney about what can be done.


If you are an ordinary employee, getting an attorney who can handle compensation claims may seem to be an overwhelming step. But if you feel that your rights to file for compensation claims are invalidated, and your family will be put in a very difficult situation, then you owe it to yourself to fight for what is just.