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What is Brand Reputation & Why is it Crucial?

What is Brand Reputation & Why is it Crucial?

Brand reputation is a system of consumer expectations and ratings associated with a brand. What it consists of:

  • Emotional appeal of the brand;
  • Quality of products and service;
  • Working conditions (salary level, brand attitude to employees, social package) – the company’s commitment to take measures to preserve and improve the quality of life of employees;
  • Social responsibility – charity, business assistance to individual groups in need or to society as a whole. On social media your brand logo can also influence others. You can get a good Logo design for your brand to make a better impression on users.

Where Do Online Reviews Come From?

People just share their impressions with each other through these channels:

Online Chatting Channels

Forums, public, private groups, imageboards, and npersonal accounts are some places where people chitchat with each other regarding different brands.

Different audience, different language, different “rules”. If you do not have enough knowledge about the nuances of online communication, try to find them in this section “Smart”.

Communicate with Consumers On Social Media

There is a whole set of tasks: to get acquainted with consumers, to understand in what language to speak to them, what they want to hear and where it is best to tell them. When to help, when to entertain, and when to argue? Mindfulness, intelligence, patience and quick reactions – with these qualities you can bring a lot of benefits to both the people and the brands you work with.

  • in social networks;
  • on forums;
  • on niche sites.

Why Is It Important To Care About Your Online Reputation?

Everyone sees

A person’s complaint will not only be read by his friends. Modern mechanisms for distributing content can convey it to anyone: it will be read simply by friends of friends, journalists, competitors, investors, representatives of government agencies.

Very fast

With the wrong approach, a simple negative review can rapidly grow into a scandal, which, again, will spread almost instantly on social networks, and from there it will be published on the pages of the media.

Any actions that, instead of constructively resolving the situation, lead to an escalation of the conflict, can be called “the wrong approach”. It can be rudeness, trolling, unwillingness to admit their mistakes. Sometimes a bad joke can lead to a scandal (remember the story with Sberbank and the joke about pensioners ).

Forever and ever

Social networks and forums are platforms that you do not control: you cannot delete what someone else wrote. In addition, anything posted on the Internet can be indexed by search engines – there is a high likelihood that people looking for information about your company will find these negative reviews. Each such review is the beginning of a story that can end happily, it can turn into a scandal, it can simply demonstrate that you ignore user complaints. You can’t prevent negative reviews from getting into the search engines (at least ethically), but what story other people see behind the complaint is up to you.

People are already waiting for this. Many companies still do not perceive social media as a serious channel for supporting their customers. But clients only need the example of several companies working with complaints through social networks to expect a solution to their problems from one post on Facebook. And if there is no solution, the negative is amplified by the mere fact of your inaction.