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What You Need To Know About Flirting

What You Need To Know About Flirting

Flirting: Written And Oral Communication May Bring You Closer

Love, at first sight, might be something hard to believe and to prove, yet when it comes to flirting, it’s a more practical approach to dating, either online or real. People appeal to different means of flirting going beyond the written and spoken version, when people’s behavior is hard to explain. There’s an interesting story you can come across, and it goes that one young man, then a teacher wanted to impress girls, and thus, he secretly went into the house in front of which these girls were sitting. At the time, the house was closed due to some renovation going on. This man wanted to impress them by jumping from 5 feet just in front of them, giving a perfect impression of suddenly coming out, which would be cool. He jumped, but not everything was successful and he was sent to hospital. However, he married one of the girls he wanted to impress.

It’s a funny story, but it shows that people have unique means of flirting in order to impress their matches. Some methods may seem a bit desperate, but others will prefer something more professional, with fewer hazards to health. If you like a girl, it means your first steps to her heart should pass through flirting, and before that, you should have a glance at interesting facts about flirting in general.

What You Need To Know About Flirting

Flirting Facts to Know

The main advantage of flirting is that it’s a small step towards your goals. In other words, if you plan to have a passionate night with someone, your first step can be flirting on chat rooms available on online dating sites. You may have also heard about speed dating events, which are some kind of fast flirting in the USA. However, flirting is not the way of getting laid only as flirting can be a signal of something more serious and dedicated. No matter what your purpose may be, here are some fascinating facts to know:

-smiles while flirting: it has been proven that there are several types of smiles, and when people start flirting, you should be sure about the sincerity of the smile as not every smile is honest and shows interest in you. The so-called Crow’s feet smile type is considered to be the most genuine. That said, you should make sure that you’re taking good care of your teeth as they greatly affect the appearance of your smile. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also enhance your smile’s appearance. For example, you should get dental implants in Charlotte or somewhere near you if you have missing teeth.

-although the means of flirting can vary from one nation to another, there are some interesting flirting signs common almost to all countries. For example, a smile on the face or the arch of brows may be a sign of flirting.
-it’s important to understand whether a person is interested in you or not. For example, it’s enough for more professional flirting people to understand that someone is interested in them by 3 glances from the person of interest.

-eye contact is one of the most important weapons of flirting, and even if professionals say that a glance at a person you are interested in should not be longer than 3 seconds, it’s critical to have eye contact as this will affect the brain part called the ventral striatum, which may help you get a desirable result.

-feet are also important. Have you ever noticed the person’s feet when flirting with her or him? There’s such a phenomenon called Pigeon feet. It means if a person is interested in you, her or his feet will point towards you, but if it’s not the case, their feet will point towards another point.

-flirting is a process that shows the willingness to create some kind of intimacy that may last one night or even longer, and thus, it’s proven that people interested in their halves have a tendency to mimic their behavior.
-the most amazing thing about flirting is the benefit to health the process can give. According to some experts, when people start flirting, it paves the way to increasing T cells responsible for making the immune system stronger.

-when people meet for the first time and start flirting, the main part of the impression is based on how a person looks and their body language. The second part of the impression is based on how someone speaks. The least part of impressions belongs to the remaining part of the flirting process.

Flirting Tips

Flirting tips for girls and boys may be different since opposite genders have their own approach to impressing each other. However, there are some common tips you can follow:

-be confident: being self-confident has always been an appealing feature, and in men, this trait creates a positive impression, and in women, it makes them sexier and more desired by men.

-show enthusiasm and curiosity: showing attention has been an essential part of any relationship, and when it comes to flirting, it’s not an exception, so showing enthusiasm about the life and problems of the person you’re interested in makes a positive impression and gives you a chance to move on.

-make use of body language: the more expressive you will be with your partner, the more attention you’ll get. If you don’t employ your body in expressing yourself, you may lose the thread of communication, and it will be hard to expect something from simple verbal flirting. Body language gives extra effects on flirting and attraction, which is a tip mainly useful for men.

-physical contact can be key: intimacy starts with a simple touch, and the more it happens, the closer you’ll get. Once you start communicating, be sure that you start getting closer in terms of physical contact, which, in turn, will lead you to the desired result.

-don’t start but let your partner catch your glances: one of the most critical parts of flirting isn’t only about getting desired attention, but it is also about showing your interest. So, letting your partner see that you are interested can be great, but that doesn’t mean that you should stare at them all the time as it would be awkward and even creepy.
-always stay in touch: your first date may not give you what you want since you or your partner may not want to rush things, and thus, staying in touch is important. You should continue flirting via chatting or texting. It’s not good that you start stalking or haunting your partner, it is better to show that you’re interested in moving further.

-be original: flirting is just the beginning of something great, but the problem is that you should be able to continue, and thus, you should avoid being banal or boring. Be sure that the time you spend is full of interesting moments. The way you speak and about what you talk will be decisive in what you can expect later.


Flirting has always been part of our life, and at some point in your life, you were the one trying to get the attention of the one you were interested in. It’s clear that this process is pleasant and incredible provided that both sides show similar enthusiasm. Thus, feel free to flirt and engage in a relationship with a person you like.