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Why UX Design is Important to Your Business

Why UX Design is Important to Your Business

The Sunshine Coast is full of pristine beaches, pretty villages, and picturesque rural hinterlands. It’s a hub of tourism with an estimated 3.2 million visitors per annum. Vacationers also flock the area for its great surf spots.  Due to this, a lot of businesses are concentrated here. Resorts, restaurants, bars, and other establishments dot the area. That’s a lot of competition vying for profit. If you own a business in this area, doing all you can to attract potential clients is necessary. It’s why you need UX Designers Sunshine Coast.

Usually, these visitors plan meticulously ahead of time– researching establishments and areas they want to visit. They’re looking for the best in experience and price. Everything is set even before they set foot on the Sunshine Coast. This is why you need to reach them while they’re still setting up their vacation.

Around two billion people currently access the internet exclusively on mobile. If your site is not optimised for mobile use, customers are more likely to look for other alternatives. Similarly, If your website is clunky, slow, or otherwise provides a less than satisfying experience, they’ll move on to other businesses.

User experience is a huge factor in catching and retaining customers. The better you serve them the moment they discover you, the better they stick to you. A good, navigable site that provides accurate and easily understood information is better than an over-designed one.

What Is UX Design?

UX Design is about giving the maximum enjoyable experience to your users, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through products or services that are easy to use, useful, and enjoyable to interact with. It’s user-centred and includes copious research on why, what, and how your product or service is used.

UX Designers Sunshine Coast usually focuses on digital products and services, including websites and mobile apps. If your business is a guest house, your website designer will probably focus on your area’s amenities, location, and weather. Maybe even showcase any scenery or view that you might have available, to show potential customers what value you can give them.

Save Costs in the Long Run

Using the right UX early on gives you the chance to build your product or service correctly. Launching it without proper user research means that users are less likely to stick to you. A relaunch will be required, costing more money and time on your part.

Increase Conversions

According to a study by Forrester Research, a great UX can increase your conversion rate by almost 400%. The functionality and experience customers experience with you lead them to increase their willingness to pay, reduce their chances of going for a competitor, and more likely recommend you. That means revenue.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is a core aspect of a business. The more value a customer experiences from you, the larger the chance they’ll keep availing your services. Hassle-free user experience not only impresses people but also forms a positive outlook on your business. Continuous UX improvement is key to user retention.

Product and price may no longer be key to differentiating your business from others. Instead, the experience a user gets will determine how much you’ll rank on customers’ opinions. Shifting your focus to user experience and design future-proofs your business.