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Doug Pitassi Leads an Organization Dedicated to Giving Back

Doug Pitassi Leads an Organization Dedicated to Giving Back

Doug Pitassi is the current president of Pacific Office Automation. Under his leadership, this company has turned into the gold standard within its field– able to resolve an array of printing and copying dilemmas. Staying updated with recent advancements in his domain, Doug always uses cutting-edge technology while supporting his devoted employees. Consequently, these efforts have resulted in superior customer satisfaction rates.

Douglas Pitassi devotes time to his local community. He is grateful for the support that led his company to where it is today and believes in giving back whenever possible.

But Doug Pitassi goes beyond supporting his community as an individual. Over the years, Pitassi has formed Pacific Office Automation into an organization dedicated to community service.

After finishing school, Douglas Pitassi decided to join Pacific Office Automation. The company was founded in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, but it has expanded significantly under his guidance and leadership.

POA Supports Local NonProfits

Under Pitassi’s leadership, Pacific Office Automation actively supports local schools and athletics and contributes to our neighbors through volunteer work, fundraisers, and business partnerships. Many charitable organizations, such as Morrison Child & Family Services and Make-A-Wish Foundation, have benefited from the company’s donations.

POA Supports Athletic Sponsorships

Among the many athletic sponsorships donated by Pacific Office Automation, youth leagues and sports training opportunities have a special place in Pitassi’s heart. Each year, POA sponsors The Nike Hoop Summit, Oregon Jr. Golf Fund of the OGA, and The First Tee of Greater Portland/The Children’s Course.

The Nike Hoop Summit is a yearly all-star game where the USA Basketball Men’s Junior Select Team plays against several international teams. The event is sponsored by Nike and local organizations like Pacific Office Automation.

The Oregon Jr. Golf Fund of the OGA, The First Tee of Greater Portland, and the Children’s Course are all youth organizations dedicated to teaching boys and girls the sport of golf. Donations from POA support coaching, mentoring, equipment, travel, and course maintenance so that the game of golf is open to children of all backgrounds.

POA Commits to Environmental Sustainability

Pacific Office Automation recycles machines, toner cartridges, and cardboard at a high success rate and supports other local companies’ sustainability initiatives. The executives and employees believe natural resources are crucial for a sustainable future. They put this belief into action every day.

Doug Pitassi is always willing to help others, whether through donations of time or professional expertise. This kind of philanthropy has earned him a reputation as a caring and hardworking person who will always stand up for those in need. As generous as a caring man, he has built Pacific Office Automation into a philanthropic organization that will continue to give for generations to come.