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Jacob Korenblum Discusses the Social Benefits of Open Internet Access

Jacob Korenblum Discusses the Social Benefits of Open Internet Access

Having spent over 15 years working in the digital strategy solutions sector, Jacob Korenblum is more convinced than ever that open internet access is essential for a society to thrive today. Here he discusses some of the most significant social benefits that online access can afford developing countries today.

Entrepreneurship and Industry Development 

One of the first things that Jacob Korenblum points out is the way online access has boosted entrepreneurial development all over the world. By encountering unique and new ideas, young people especially are inspired to pursue careers in new and upcoming sectors of the marketplace. They’re also much more likely to take a risk and try their hand at entrepreneurship.

In light of this kind of impact on the younger generations, in particular, Korenblum says that providing online access to those who don’t currently have it can have a direct impact not only on individual lives but also on the industries themselves.

Job Access 

Korenblum also points out that the job market has largely moved online, making internet access almost necessary for finding better jobs and advancing your career. Countries that have little to no internet access, then, are greatly stunted in their economic development without it. By providing internet to everyone, a great number of qualified and quality candidates can be exposed to job opportunities in which they can make a big impact.


Finally, according to Korenblum, the connection that social media has provided for billions of people around the world is yet another great social benefit of internet access. One prime example is the fact that a person can step out from their family and pursue a career in a different country while staying connected to them in a real and tangible way daily. People can also meet like-minded individuals and foster or maintain long-distance friendships much more easily.

Jacob Korenblum Believes in Internet Access for Everyone 

For Korenblum, these and other reasons are more than sufficient to see the great importance of providing open internet access to every person. The opportunities and connections it affords are too great to withhold from any country or people, and the more people can get connected with the world around them, the more enriched their lives and the global population as a whole can become.


Jacob Korenblum has been innovating digital strategies for over 15 years, impacting the development of markets in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Korenblum has always focused on steering his work toward social justice, and he has spent much of his career working with nonprofits. He is the co-founder of Souktel, a successful NPO that has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in 30 countries by providing access to job opportunities. Korenblum has had the honor of publishing work for UNICEF. He lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys sailing.

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