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Slots Lingo for Players

Slots Lingo for Players

With online slots proving to be as popular as ever, more players are trying to find out what slot lingo is and how they can learn it – play now at

Reasons to Learn Slot Lingo

Although the slot lingo may seem a little complicated at first, it is actually very simple to understand. There are many reasons why players should make the effort to learn several key terms of slot lingo.

  • Memorising these terms can help you to better understand your fellow players, communicating in slot lingo to each other is part of the fun!
  • It can help you to understand gameplay features of a slot game and ultimately make a better decision as to whether to place a bet or not.
  • Being well versed in slot lingo can also help you to feel like you belong in the online slot community.

Player Slot Lingo

Player focussed slot lingo is a little more specific and focuses more on bonus features and how they work rather than the inner workings on the slot machine.

Video Slots    

The modern slot machine which doesn’t rely on moving gears to move the gameplay along. Instead, a video slot utilizes a computer screen which displays all the action in virtual form. All online slots use this technology as well as most land based slots. It is arguable that the introduction of the video slot was the start of the online slot boom which is still going on today.

Progressive Slot Machines

These slots have a jackpot which will slowly increase in size every time somebody plays it until it is eventually won, this can lead to some absolutely huge wins for players although the odds of claiming the jackpot are low.

Hit and Run  

This refers to when a player moves onto another slot after only playing one slot with max credit for a few spins and winning nothing.

One Armed Bandit

A nickname given by players to slots which have been around since they were first introduced into society.

Tips to Help You Learn Slot Lingo

Learning anything from scratch can be tough, although slot lingo isn’t the same as learning a different language there is no denying that there are times when it feels just as hard. Luckily, there are several handy tips you can use which will help you to learn slot lingo.

  • Don’t try and memorise everything all at once! It is going to be incredibly difficult to remember every term that you read so stick to learning a few at a time
  • Try to stick with terms which will be relevant to you, there is no need to learn a term if it applies to a type of slot game which you don’t intend to play.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the slot community is incredibly friendly and will be more than willing to help you understand a term that is confusing you.

Final Thoughts

Slot lingo is very important to learn, it can have benefits such as helping players to fit into the online slot community and even helping them to understand the gameplay features of slots. There are lots of ways they can learn this lingo but the best thing they can do is to focus on words which will be specific for them and to only learn a few at a time.