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What Is The Best Way To Search For A Job?

What Is The Best Way To Search For A Job?

If you’re currently out of work or you want to change jobs, what are the best ways to try and find a job in today’s world and economic climate?

This article is going to highlight some tips on finding a job and the options that are available to land the job you want.

Start Your Job Search Online

The internet is loaded with job search websites that list current positions vacant and there are actually quite a number of these sites in Australia alone. Some sites are general in nature while others may focus on job opportunities in a specific industry.

Being able to hunt for work on the internet from home or anywhere else you happen to be is extremely convenient and can even save you both time and money. Certain sites will even allow you to set up notifications, so you’ll receive an email or a text message whenever a new job is listed that matches your criteria.

Just some of the popular job search websites in Australia include the following:







     Government Job Hubs

     And more…

There are also specialist sites as mentioned before. For example, if you’re a writer, you can browse the current listings on sites such as Problogger and Blogging Pro. If you want some freelance work, there are stacks of freelancer-type websites as well.

The internet offers up a wealth of job search opportunities, all available at your fingertips 24/7.

While Online, Take Advantage of Social Media 

Job search websites are not the only option you have when looking for work by taking advantage of the internet.

Most people have at least one or more social media accounts and have connections and friends attached to those accounts. Social media can be a very powerful tool when you want to spread the word about something and things can happen very quickly.

Let’s say you post on your Facebook account that you’re currently looking for work or a particular type of job. You can ask your network if they know of anything, or to spread the word to their network of friends and online connections.

When you put the word out there on social media regarding your job hunting, you can vastly increase your chances of striking an opportunity, one that you may not have come across any other way.

In modern times, it only makes logical sense to take full advantage of the digital resources the internet and social media provide.

Chase Jobs That Don’t Exist…Yet

What the heck does that mean?

It means, instead of only looking for and applying for jobs that are currently advertised and then competing against potentially hundreds of other applicants, be more proactive and solicit a job that may not yet be available or hasn’t yet been advertised.

How do you do that?

Once again, you can use the online world to your advantage. Let’s say you’re a chef by trade but you haven’t been able to land an available position for whatever reason. Instead of waiting for a job to come up, make a list of restaurants and other establishments that interest you and shoot them off a brief email. In the email, just state who you are and that you’re looking for work as a chef, asking them to think of you should something become available.

This type of approach when done right can be impressive and will make you more memorable to the person in charge of hiring. When a job opening does come up, chances are they’ll be contacting you before they advertise it.

You Can Still Scour the Newspaper Classifieds

If you’re “old school” or you simply enjoy flipping through the weekend paper while sipping on a hot coffee, many jobs are still listed in the classifieds, just like they always have been. Sometimes, it can be nice to take a break from technology anyway and simply do some “old-fashioned” offline reading.

You can give your eyes a break from the glare of a lit screen and browsing the classifieds in a newspaper can often feel a lot more relaxing.

The Wrap

So, there you have it, some handy tips on searching for a job in the modern world. Success is about knowing what you want, going after it, and being sure you are job-ready.