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They Compare The Failure Of The Iphone With Bitcoin

They Compare The Failure Of The Iphone With Bitcoin

Technology’s evolution has exceeded the expectations of many people, who even tend to have limitations concerning it.

When Apple decides to offer services related to cryptocurrency sophisticated , it is shown that the technology is not far from being part of the crypto ecosystem.

The possibility of encrypting information between the cloud and cryptocurrencies could be a strategy that would attract many followers, as does the Bitcoin-Prime trading system.

Iphone And Bitcoin Products That Add Value To Everyday Life

When referring to technological changes or advances, many opinions arise from different experts who often underestimate the scope that digital currencies can have, allowing themselves to be influenced by social paradigms.

Such was the case of the iPhone when it was created; many people felt rejected before a technological advance that, for many, is considered one of the most innovative technological products.

This intelligent team is not the only one that has been the victim of criticism and opinions for and against it. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is the protagonist of decentralized digital finance based on Blockchain technology, considered one of the safest platforms thanks to the encryption of information through blocks.

The data and operations carried out in this technology are encrypted, so no one can modify any processes.

When Bitcoin was born, it had not finished going out on the digital financial market when many experts had already predicted its failure since it was not considered that there could be a digital financial system that could operate without the intervention of a banking entity or intermediary institution.

This aspect could be considered the main one in the face of a paradigm shift that is quite difficult for society to digest since several external economic factors are already affecting the world economy and finances and are possibly generating confidence in the population.

It may be that the value of Bitcoin is one of the characteristics that cause the most impact; consequently, it is a digital asset quite expensive, making it not very accessible to everyone, although there is the possibility of acquiring at least a small fraction of it.

Cryptocurrencies As A New Technological Paradigm

Any person shows resistance to change; the same happens with society in general; we only speak of a paradigm shift in this case.

Paradigms refer to what people are used to doing in a certain way since this generates trust and security.

The fact that Bitcoin does not require the intervention of a centralized entity represents a challenge that, for many, does not generate confidence.

Traditional banking or financial entities usually play the role of arbitrators. Operations are approved or denied through them if a series of requirements or functionalities are not met.

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Unfortunately, society and many processes have been bureaucratized, making many uncomfortable. In a modern technological era, procedures should be streamlined, and various applications should be used to improve user experiences.

They usually compare the earnings of easy money with cryptocurrencies, but this can be a process that requires study, dedication, and perseverance; remember that it is a highly volatile market and requires timely and efficient decision-making.

The social impact that Bitcoin could generate on society, in general, is quite significant; it may be going through a crucial phase, but, also seeing beyond the interests of any of the parties, we are going to global digitization; it is not a matter of adopting a digital currency is to change the mentality about what is coming.

Is Bitcoin Success or Failure?

We would be fourteen years after the creation of Bitcoin; if we had to evaluate the impact of this digital currency in the world, we could be objective from the point of view of the contribution to finance from the digital perspective, where technology plays the central role.

The basis of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is digital technology; as previously mentioned, digital currencies represent the future economy’s vision, where traditional currencies would take a backseat.

Due to their interests, many factors in the middle have not allowed the further development of cryptocurrencies, but that could undoubtedly be coupled and create a new financial system fused between the digital and the traditional.


Many criticisms usually arise when it comes to technological advances. Still, we must subjectively analyze everything happening economically and financially in the world to determine the effect digital currencies could have on it.